What Happened at the Fund Launch Live Event?

Hey, everyone! Today, I want to talk about how we managed to throw the biggest fund manager event ever!

Crazy Kickoff

April 27th was day 1 of Fund Launch Live.

First, everyone checked in at noon and I made some announcements about Investment Fund Secrets. I introduced our new program, Black Card Capital Partners, and also talked about our new app!

The Fund Network App is a tool that helps you connect with other fund managers based on location and compatibility!

Our Emcee, Devon Brown, did a great job of getting the crowd hyped. He introduced me and when I ran on stage, I was shocked at the turnout! The center was packed; 1200 people were there!

It was a dream come true!

Spectacular Speakers

Roland Fraiser talked about buying and selling businesses; he has bought and sold over 1,000 of them!

Our next speaker, Dan Young, taught about crypto and security; he knew so many security hacks!

Sarah Sullivan, Simon Vandy, and Jeff Seckinger all did great. Our very own Lincoln Archibald talked about the 5 things he sees in successful fund managers (one of my favorites).

We finished the night off with some surprise speakers; it was fantastic! And that was only the first night!

Over the next few days, we had more amazing speakers and I announced that our Black Card Program will be taking a mastermind trip to Mexico!

Additionally, I made time on the program to give participants an opportunity to ask certain people the specific questions they had. It was a great networking opportunity for everyone!

Watch my video to hear about the rest of the weekend; it was phenomenal!


To conclude, I just wanted to thank everyone that participated in the event. It was a tremendous success and I hope to see you all at the Fund Launch Live event next year!

Bridger Pennington

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