Top 5 Most Common Investor Questions

What’s up, everyone? We’re kicking off August by revealing the top 5 most common investor questions!

These are some questions that your limited partner will most likely ask you…

#1 What Did You Say About…?

Watch your words!

Anything you said in your pitch deck can and will be used against you!

Be prepared to back up any statement you made in that pitch.

#2 How do You Invest Your Money?

Anthony Scaramucci, an asset manager at Skyridge Capital, said he is asked this all the time.

He replied that 85% of his money is invested in his own funds, and the other 15% is with a financial advisor to help him invest short-term.

You should be emotionally invested in your own fund as a manager.

Having confidence in yourself will show and investors will see that.

#3 What Type of Person Are You?

Although you may not get a straightforward question like this, but the investor will want to see your personality.

Like Lincoln said in his video…

“This is a long-term engagement. The investors want a relationship with you. Your pitch will not be the only interaction you have with them. So, be yourself!”

Lincoln Archibald

#4 Who is Your Biggest Competitor?

Be prepared to answer who your biggest competitor is and why.

Who, of all your competitors, would you invest in? Compared to them, what are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is your opportunity to honestly convince why this certain person should invest in your particular fund.

Don’t be vague, be real and specific!

#5 Who has the Final Say?

What if there’s 2 managers? What will happen if 2 people disagree?

You should know your fund team inside and out. Additionally, you should be able to explain the procedures if poor circumstances occur.


So, here are the top 5 most common investor questions:

  • What did you say about…?
  • How do you invest your money?
  • What type of person are you?
  • Who is your biggest competitor?
  • Who has the final say?

“Nothing is more satisfying than answering the investor’s question with an appendix slide. It shows that you are prepared enough to anticipate their question.”

Lincoln Archibald

Just demonstrate your character and be prepared; keep in mind that every meeting is different!

Your relationship is more important than the numbers!

Thanks, and see you soon,

Bridger Pennington

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