Top 10 VC Funds in the World

What’s up, everyone? Today we’re gonna go through the top 10 VC funds in the world!

Venture Capital funds are pools of money used for investing in start-up types of businesses.

Let’s get started with our top 10 VC funds…

#10 Khosla Ventures

They have $15 billion worth of assets under management.

Here’s what part of Khosla Ventures’ mission statement says…

“We like large problems that are amendable to technology solutions. We seek out unfair advantages.”

Khosla Ventures

They find companies that have such a huge advantage over other companies in their market that it seems unfair.

They were early investors in Doordash, Square, and more.

#9 Lightspeed Venture Partners

With $18 billion a.u.m., they have a global approach to VC.

They have offices in China, India, Europe, Southeast Asia, Israel, and Silicon Valley.

Lightspeed invested in Snapchat and Grubhub.

#8 New Enterprise Associates

They have $23 billion a.u.m.

New Enterprise invests in healthcare and technology.

Some VC firms invest in everything, but others focus on a few different verticals.

Like I said in my video…

“Funds that go into a niche and master it usually outperform other diversified funds.”

Some of New Enterprises’ most notable investments are Plaid and Robinhood.


I won’t thoroughly go the rest of the list, but that gives you an idea.

  • #7 General Catalyst
  • #6 Andreessen Horowitz
  • #5 Hillhouse Capital
  • #4 Sequoia Capital
  • #3 Iconiq Capital
  • #2 Insight Partners
  • #1 Tiger Global Management ($125 billion a.u.m.!)

Check out this video to see me explain why I ranked the top 10 VC funds in this order!

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