Top 10 Hedge Funds

Whats up everybody? I have an exciting topic to discuss with you today….

We will be discussing the TOP 10 Hedge Funds of ALL TIME! That is right, THE Top 10 Hedge Funds of ALL TIME.

We will talk about who started the funds, where the funds are today, and how much AUM each fund has.

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What is a Hedge Fund?

We have a lot to dive into today so I will keep it short and simple

A Hedge Fund is one the most lucrative vehicles on the planet!!

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Top 10 Hedge Funds Bottom to Top

10. Davidson Kempner Capital

  • Founded by Marvin Davidson
  • Headquarters are in New York City
  • Specializes in distressed investments, event driven equities, and more.
  • The company manages over $35 billion in assets

9. Citadel

  • Founded in 1990 and is ran by Ken Griffin
  • One of the largest market makers in the stock market, interest rate swaps, and options.
  • Has $38 million in assets under management

8. BlackRock

  • Headquarters are in New York City
  • Founded by Larry Fink
  • Is a global investment firm in 30 different countries
  • Manages $40 billion Hedge Funds
  • Total assets under management is OVER $9.5 trillion.

7. Millennium Management

  • Founded by Israel Englander in 1989
  • $54 billion assets under management.
  • Invest in public equity and fixed income markets.
  • Based in New York City, but have offices all over the world including London and Tokyo.

6. Two Sigma Investments

  • Founded in 2001 by David Siegel, John Overdeck, and Mark Pickard.
  • $58 billion assets under management
  • Uses mathematics to trade
  • Has over 1600 employees

5. Elliot Management

  • Run by Paul Singer and was founded in 1977.
  • $70 billion assets under management
  • ONLY has 472 employees. A lot of money to go around.

4. Renaissance Technologies

  • Founded by Howard Morgan and Jim Simons in 1982.
  • $130 billion assets under management
  • Only open to the founders, top employees, and really close family and friends to the founders.
  • Charges 5% management fee and 45% of the returns.
  • Has a 66% return rate for their investors, AMAZING!

3. Man Group

  • $135 billion under management
  • Based out of England
  • Founded in 1783!
  • Is the world’s largest publicly traded hedge-fund

2. AQR Capital Management

  • Founded in 1998
  • $143 billion assets under management
  • Known for it’s alternative investing strategies
  • Launched its first fixed income mutual fund in the US.

1. Bridgerwater Associates

  • Run by Ray Dalio and founded in 1975
  • $140 billion plus assets under management
  • The fastest growing fund from 2000-2005
  • You had to have a $5 billion net worth with a minimum commitment of $100 million to invest. WOW!!


Well I won’t keep you for much longer.

I hope you learned a lot about the top 10 Hedge Fund Companies in the entire world.

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