Top 10 Fund Myths…debunked!

Just as in every industry or market around the world, myths start to evolve. I’m here to tell you that despite popular belief, the world isn’t flat and you can start a fund!

Don’t let naysayers spread lies that are keeping you from outrageous wealth.

#10: You need a license to run a fund

People are always asking me what licenses they need to start a fund. It really depends on the structuring and type of fund…

But what most people don’t know… is that there are ways that you can start a fund without any licences!!

As explained in some of my videos, if you aren’t charging a management fee nor trading on public markets or futures, there is nothing stopping you from going forward without a license! That simple.

I am currently launching my THIRD fund and do not hold any licenses.

#9: You have to be old, wise, and balding to run a fund

The younger generation really can have a leg up in business. We are able to look at trends better than anyone else because we are also the consumer.

I recently interviewed Sam Yaffa, who is a great example of this. Sam’s in his early 20s and runs White Lion Capital. His pitch to investors is:

“There are plenty of devices and hot market items that an old 60 year old person would have no idea if they’re cool or not.”

Remember: Age doesn’t have to be an issue!

#8: You need a crazy computer algorithm or model to run a fund

Listen. I heard about a successful fund a little while back out of California that just goes out and buys then sells almond farms. That’s it! Almond Farms! That’s their entire model!

Of course they run a couple numbers to make sure it’s a good deal, but it doesn’t take massive servers or hiring NASA programmers to make a simple fund work.

Bridger Pennington

#7: You need a fancy Ivy League degree to run a fund

You see, the Wall Street poster boys do have flashy degrees. However, there are thousands of small funds like me and you- the guys that barely even graduated college- that are crushing it in their space.

You do NOT need an Ivy League degree or a fancy pedigree to launch a fund. Don’t believe me?

You can listen as my dad explains how he repeatedly beat out the Harvard guys time and time again with good deals. No degree will ever beat off good money.

#6: You have to hire expensive lawyers and accountants

Personally, I started my fund for five thousand dollars.

My entire fund.

I used some good old fashioned legal templates and went for it. We teach you how to do this same thing and offer these templates through my mastermind program. Starting a fund doesn’t have to take 30 grand!

#5: Fund Managers don’t make that much money

Some of the top earners of last year were fund managers. Do you think it was any coincidence that a book about fund managers called “More Money than God” ?

Funds are THE most lucrative vehicle on the planet to make money.

#4: There is too much regulation to start a fund

First off, this is a sorry excuse. Yes, there are regulations… but there will always be regulations!!

Plus – financial services is just one big game. And if you don’t want to stand up and put the work in to figure out strategy- you’re welcome to sit down.

Once you learn the rules, you’re all set! And it doesn’t have to be complicated. After you learn how the game goes, it’s pretty easy to play.

#3: You need to know a lot of people…particularly those with a lot of money

This would be helpful for sure, but it is definitely not necessary. We can work outside the box in a couple of different ways.

  • Figure out how to raise your own capital- which we have invaluable videos out there to help you with.
  • Partner with someone who already knows how. People have spent their entire careers meeting the right people and making money so someone like you can approach them!

Don’t let the absence of a billion dollar grandpa stop ya now!

#2: You need more time than you have to run a fund

It is intensive. But if time is one of your most valuable assets, wouldn’t you want to spend it doing things that will make you more money??

With anything in life, you get out what you put in.

“It takes the same amount of time creating a small organization and a small business as it does a big one”

Stephen Shwartzman

So why not? if you’re gonna spend time doing something, why not go big?

#1: I just don’t know if I’m up to the task

Name one person that’s never doubted themselves. Can’t do it!

You’re not alone! I’ve felt this many times myself and so has my dad.

However, focus on your niche. You don’t need to be a quantitative analysts. Other people are doing this, why not you?!

We teach people how to run a fund from beginning to end. Have the confidence. It is possible!

Here’s a little secret:

Learning about the fund world will attract those types of individuals to you. You’ll be surprised how willing people will be to join your team and support you in building a successful fund.

Thanks for the follow!

Bridger Pennington

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