This Simple Marketing Strategy Made Us $6 Million in 2 Years

Hey, everybody, I hope you’re having a great day!

Today, I want to explain our company’s #1 marketing strategy. Let’s take Investment Fund Secrets for example…

After 4 days of launching IFS with a single webinar, we raised $140K!

Within 7 months we had $1M in sales, and after 10 months we hit $2M. But how did we do it?

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During weekly webinars, we talk all about investing and offer a special course. Our Mastermind Course gets people one-on-one, invaluable investment coaching and more for just $2K.

We started to wonder why more people weren’t joining this course, and I thought…

“This [course] is the best thing we have ever made, why aren’t more people joining? This product is changing people’s lives!”


I got some inspiration that changed everything…

In Oren Klaff’s book, “Pitch Anything” he said that the brain is made up of 3 parts:

  • Croc-brain – how can this hurt me? (the survival part of the brain)
  • Mid-brain – social and extrinsic motivation
  • Neocortex – the part of our brain that helps us problem-solve and think critically

To communicate effectively or share ideas with anyone, you need to get through to the neocortex!

The Strategy

So, when trying to persuade someone of something, you need to address and take down their…

  • Vehicle concern or fear
  • Internal false beliefs
  • External false beliefs

Let’s take my IFS webinars, for example. Using the model above, I will

  • Explain why funds work (vehicle concern, secret #1)
  • Answer the question, “Why funds will work for them” (Internal, secret #2)
  • Explain factors, ex. time, money knowledge, resources (External, secret #3)

People often ask me about the external things first, like time and money, but like I said in my video…

“I can’t truly answer that unless you first believe in the vehicle, and you are convinced internally. If you do, then we can talk about the external things.”


How do I Use This Model?

Let’s pitch a real estate fund to an investor…

  • Does the investor believe in real estate? Explain why real estate funds work!
  • Will this fund work for the investor? Yes, because it worked for John Doe, it can work for you!
  • What kind of involvement will the investor need on this?

And there you have it. The simple strategy of vehicle, internal, and external that can work for you right now!

Thanks, and see you soon!

Bridger Pennington

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