Understanding Securitization (& Capital Raising)

What’s up, everyone? Listen up, fund managers and fund admin! Today we’ll be defining and understanding securitization: raising capital from investors. What is Securitization? Securitization is a financial practice that involves transforming illiquid assets into marketable securities. It has gained significant popularity among fund managers as a means of raising capital. In this blog post, … More Understanding Securitization (& Capital Raising)

Debt vs Equity Investors / The Difference?

Hello, everyone! Today I want to clear something up: debt vs equity investors… What’s the difference? If you’re asking yourself, “Should I choose debt or equity investors for my fund?” Then I’ve got an answer for you! Equity Investors When an investor puts money into your limited partnership (fund), it is generally agreed that they … More Debt vs Equity Investors / The Difference?