What Are Growth Funds?

What’s up, everyone? Today, let’s answer the question that both fund managers and investors need to understand: What are growth funds? What Are They? Growth funds, also known as growth-oriented mutual funds or growth equity funds, are investment vehicles that focus on investing in companies with significant growth potential. These funds aim to generate capital … More What Are Growth Funds?

Relationship Capital with Randy Garn

What’s up, fellow businessmen/women? Today, we’re going over an interview I had recently: Relationship Capital with Randy Garn. According to his LinkedIn, Randy Garn is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and the CSO at Arieli Capital. But I was interested in hearing about one of his hobbies… Fly Fishing Bridger: Why are you always fly fishing … More Relationship Capital with Randy Garn

Master & Feeder Funds – What’s the Difference?

What’s up, everyone? Today, we’re going to clarify the difference between two important terms in the fund world: Master & Feeder Funds. There’s a significant difference between these two concepts, especially when it comes to raising capital and attracting investors or allocators. Let’s dive in! Master-Feeder A Master-Feeder Fund consists of two components: the master … More Master & Feeder Funds – What’s the Difference?

Understanding Securitization (& Capital Raising)

What’s up, everyone? Listen up, fund managers and fund admin! Today we’ll be defining and understanding securitization: raising capital from investors. What is Securitization? Securitization is a financial practice that involves transforming illiquid assets into marketable securities. It has gained significant popularity among fund managers as a means of raising capital. In this blog post, … More Understanding Securitization (& Capital Raising)

FedNow? Future of Central Bank Digital Currency

How’s it going, everyone? Today we’ll be discussing the future of Central Bank Digital Currency! We’ll also cover the topics of FedNow, other banks, and how this affects you as a fund manager! FedNow Recently, the Federal Reserve announced that they will launch FedNow this July, a 24/7 instant payments service. Essentially, it’s a venmo … More FedNow? Future of Central Bank Digital Currency

Private Jets & Entrepreneurship – Jason Haugen

How’s it going, everyone? Today, we’re discussing private jets & entrepreneurship with Jason Haugen Jason Haugen He is the CEO of Haugen RV Group, but also does a podcast, consults, coaches, and much more. Bridger: Tell me about your 3 private jets… what do the expenses and revenues look like? Jason: I share one of … More Private Jets & Entrepreneurship – Jason Haugen