Structure of a Private Equity Waterfall

Hey, everyone! Today, I want to talk about the structure of a private equity waterfall.

Let’s start out by discussing management fees.

Management Fees

A fund manager can charge whatever they want, but the norm is 2%.

Many large funds charge 2% no matter what kind of work they put into managing the fund.

If you are new to this or have a small fund, I strongly discourage you from doing this.

Honestly, I wouldn’t charge a management fee at all on your first few funds.

You’re a young entrepreneur; you need to earn your status before you start charging management fees.


I typically put an 8% pref on my funds.

This tells the investor that the first 8% of the returns goes to them, not the fund manager.

This is an important term to know!

Catch up

After the pref, I usually make a 2% catch up.

This fee is the opposite of the pref, meaning it goes to the GP to catch them up a bit.

Carried Interest

Let’s say my fund makes more than 10% (after 8% goes to the LP and 2% goes to the GP).

Anything above that mark is split 80/20, meaning 80% is distributed to the investors and 20% goes to the fund manager.

This is called carried interest.

This is a hot topic right now because the wealthy make most of their money from carried interest in funds, and carried interest is taxed a lot less than regular income.

The percentages above are typical, so be aware that fund managers can pick whatever numbers they want.

Looking at the 80/20 split, you might be asking yourself…

“So how do fund managers make money if they only get 20% of the returns?”

Let’s say an investor has $5M in a $100M fund…

As a fund manager, you could make 4x more than the investor because he gets 80% of the returns on his $5M investment while you make 20% of the returns on $100M!

This is why everyone wants to start a fund!


And that’s a simple structure of a private equity waterfall!

Hopefully, you can consider these points and maximize your potential of getting investors and knowing what to do when you get great returns!

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That’s it for today!


Bridger Pennington

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