Scale Your Fund Through Impact Investing

What’s up, everyone? Today, we’re discussing how you can scale your fund through impact investing!

Philanthropist investing is a new niche that emerged within the past decade. It’s using your fund to give back!

The Wealthy Are Doing It

Adam Campbell is the CEO of a $50M family office.

As CEO of this family office, he manages all the money and makes investment decisions on behalf of an affluent family.

As a fund manager, you probably want to pitch family offices because they are so wealthy…

Well, Adam told me the following secret…

  • “Yes, a family office wants a high return, but they’ve already made a ton of money. They’re looking for something more than a good ROI.”

That blew me away because I thought all people just took the highest ROI when it came to investing!

“They’re looking for impact and legacy. They want to change the world.”

Adam Campbell

They want to get a good return, but also do good in the world.

Impact Investing Today

I heard of a fund that mortgages homes to people for incredibly low rates. The homeowners take great care of the properties because it is their home!

The banks won’t get involved with these types of deals, but philanthropists will!

If you’re thinking about starting a fund, consider the social change and impact it will have.

Since 2009, philanthro-investing has gone from $50B to $500B in 2020!

Why is this happening?

  • Investors want to give back
  • Consumers want to give back, too (ex. they’ll buy organic over normal products)
  • Fund managers want to give back!

Am I Included?


This does not mean your fund needs to operate at a loss.

It means that as you set up your fund, look for ways to give back or invest in projects that do good!

“But Bridger, I run a real estate fund, I can’t do that.”


Be creative!

Like I said in my video… I have a friend that set up his real estate fund so that for every dollar his fund makes, he sends X amount of cents to Honduras to help build homes for the homeless!

Then, they invite their investors to go with them to Honduras to build these homes!


The capital can come from anywhere, but I know you can scale your fund through impact investing!

Check out my video and visit Fund Launch to learn more.

That’s it for today!


Bridger Pennington

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