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What’s up, fellow businessmen/women? Today, we’re going over an interview I had recently: Relationship Capital with Randy Garn.

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According to his LinkedIn, Randy Garn is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and the CSO at Arieli Capital. But I was interested in hearing about one of his hobbies…

Fly Fishing

Bridger: Why are you always fly fishing and posting about it?

Randy: It’s my way of staying grounded. There are too many rich people who don’t take the time to enjoy life. It’s also where I do my best meditation.

I also take people fishing with me because it’s a great social investment and benefits both parties. I love this quote from Joseph Pine…

“If they like you, they’ll listen to you, if they trust you they’ll buy from you, if they have an experience with you then they’ll never leave you, but if you change their life then they’ll be your disciple and shout your name from the rooftop.”

Showing Up

Bridger: When did you decide to put yourself out there?

Randy: My motivation is sharing goodness and impacting others’ lives, so I share whatever impacts me. I don’t see myself as a famous figure yet.

Spirituality in Business

Bridger: What’s your take on spirituality in business?

Randy: I believe that God wants us to succeed in every aspect of our life. Prosperity is a balance between money, happiness, and sustainability. You need to have these 3 things balanced if you want a prosperous life.

For me, people and experiences are far greater in value than possessions. Money isn’t the goal, but it helps you reach people, experiences, and prosperity.

Outlook on the Market and Partners

Bridger: As a fund manager and advisor to many family offices, how do you think the market will play out in the next 12-18 months?

Randy: Its been a crazy few months with SVB and other banks shutting down and how the government responded.

I think now more than ever, you need to be wise about where you’re investing, who you’re listening to, and who you spend your time with.

Be conscious of who you’re working with and who is managing your money.

Bridger: You’re bringing up “people” a lot. How do you discern between a potentially good and bad business partner?

Randy: Study their track record. This could be past business partners, past ventures, or current social media platforms and deals. Look at everything!

Additionally, you need to spend time with them. Take them out fishing or golfing. Find out what their principles are.


Thanks for reading the summary of the interview: Relationship Captial with Randy Garn.

We learned that success in business revolves around relationships and sticking to core values like honesty and integrity.

To listen to our full conversation, check out my YouTube video!

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