Private Jets & Entrepreneurship – Jason Haugen

How’s it going, everyone? Today, we’re discussing private jets & entrepreneurship with Jason Haugen

Jason Haugen

He is the CEO of Haugen RV Group, but also does a podcast, consults, coaches, and much more.

Bridger: Tell me about your 3 private jets… what do the expenses and revenues look like?

Jason: I share one of the jets with 3 other guys because it does not make sense to own your own jet, it’s not cost efficient.

Another plane of mine is a charter plane, we use it completely for revenue stream. Plus, there are some tax benefits in buying airplanes.

It costs me around $4,000 an hour to run an airplane, which includes maintenance, fuel, pilot, etc.

We’re able to charter them out for about $7 – 8,000 per hour for about 80 hours a month.

My smaller plane only costs me about $1,800 an hour!

Considering all costs, we need to fly about 60 hours per month to break even.

2nd Generation Entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs, my parents instilled a dream and a vision in me, I owe them a lot.

Family dinner was like a seminar, it was amazing!

I always wanted to do what they do, so after high school I joined a network marketing company just like they did. I then started and continue now to start companies and ventures.

Bridger: How did they discipline you and your siblings?

Jason: They led by example and showed an insane work ethic. And they didn’t force us to do anything.

In our video interview, Jason said…

“I don’t remember a single time that my mom asked me to do my homework.”

It didn’t matter because I wanted to be successful like them. I got straight A’s.

The children of entrepreneurs usually don’t follow the path of their parents because they don’t know what it took to get there.

“No disrespect to my father, but I didn’t want to be known as Randy Haugen’s son. I wanted to be Jason Haugen.”

For this reason, I went all in on branding my name. I want to have the impact that my parents have.

Not the money impact, but more of the social impact – that’s why I’m starting to do more speeches.


So, I hope you learned something about private jets & entrepreneurship with Jason Haugen.

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