Play This Game That Made Me a Millionaire by 25

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I want to show you all how I approach the money game.

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This approach made my business go from $0 to $7 million in 2 years and helped me launch 3 funds in my 20’s.

People who say, “Pursue your passions” are usually broke. So, how can one really achieve complete financial freedom?

Focus on Vehicles

I started 6 businesses in the first 2 years of college. Let’s take a closer look at my Chinese Tutoring business.

After I had a pool of students, I hired other Chinese teachers and paid them well, and I made only $6 per lesson for all the effort I was putting in, it was not worth it!

What vehicle did I want to be in? I wanted an income source that took minimal time, and that had really good margins.

Investment funds, for example, take up minimal time and have huge margins! So, I wanted to get into funds and online marketing, but I didn’t have the resources.

I went to an event in Boise, ID that was a 3-day lecture on online marketing. I learned that wealth attracts wealth and that I needed to learn the money game from wealthy people, not broke college professors.

Compressing everything I know now, let’s go over the 3-step formula that helps fund managers find wealthy investors

#1 Get in the Room

  • Work your way in (LinkedIn, networking)
  • Buy your way in (pay to play networking, IFS Masterminds)
  • Or the hybrid: events (broad or small scale)
  • Having a podcast (my #1 networking tool that will work for you too)

#2 Value-Based Connections

Leaving an event, you probably will only remember 2 or 3 people. Why? Because you made a value-based connection with those individuals. They had something that you could benefit from.

Here are some reasons that connect individuals with others, so you could focus on any of these things when networking…

  • Status
  • Money
  • Connection
  • Humor
  • Love
  • Knowledge
  • Mentorship

Hint: A podcast helps with making value-based connections

Hint #2: Do not ask people if you can “pick your brain.” Ask specific questions to your mentor!

#3 How to Convert Connections into $$$

This depends on what you’re doing. For our fund people, we have a whole strategy on this that we can teach you!

Thanks, and see you soon!

Bridger Pennington

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