Millionaires do Marketing, Billionaires do Products

How’s it going, everyone? Today, I want to explain that millionaires focus on marketing and billionaires focus on products.

I said in my recent YouTube video…

“If you could only sell one product for the rest of your life and referrals were the only way to sell, how good would you deliver on that product?”

This is what billionaires focus on. They don’t want to be in the business of sales.

They want to be in the business of referrals and returning customers.

I recently bought a Tesla Plaid, and I love it!

Then, I took my brothers for a ride because I wanted to show them how cool the car was and try and convince them to get one so that they could enjoy one too.

I realized that I was doing a free sales pitch for Tesla.

Why? Because it is a product that I like so much that I want to share with my friends and family.

I’ve done this with so many other products and so have you.

At Fund Launch, we’ve made some great products.

However, I know that if I want to become a billionaire, my team and I need to make a phenomenal product(s).

We spend a lot of money on marketing, and it is paying off. We are reaching so many new clients.

However, we just hired a new Head of Product employee because we know our focus needs to be there.

Our hope is that through shifting our focus to our product, we don’t have to spend as much on marketing.

We want our clients to sell our products for us, just like Tesla or Apple.

You should do the same!

Go sell a product that sells itself.

So, now you know that millionaires focus on marketing and billionaires focus on products.

Billionaires focus on making a product so good that their customers must share it.

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That’s it for today!


Bridger Pennington

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