Investing is Changing / Do This or Get Left Behind!

Happy Holidays! Today, we’re talking about how investing is changing!

Investing Timeline

1950s – It was post-depression, and no one wanted to invest in anything.

Only 6.5 million Americans owned U.S. stock.

1970s – Inflation was high, but mutual funds were emerging. People are getting more comfortable with investing.

1990 – 51 million Americans owned U.S. stock. Vanguard emerged with the ETF.

At this point, the attitude towards investing was shifting. People started to realize that the stock market was a good place to invest.

Americans also went through the phase of paying large brokerage fees, which we have now steered away from.

Ultimately, people became better investors. We now say…

“We want more transparency, less fees, and more money.”

Easier Investing

After 2008, regular banks started to get behind in terms of technology. This is when fintech erupted.

Robinhood, SoFi, and many other financial products excelled because they worked with the consumer directly.

Additionally, easy access to information made investing more friendly and popular.

And it shows in the numbers: 165 million Americans owned stock in 2015.

So, What’s Next?

In his video, Lincoln said…

“In my opinion, alternatives are next. I am very bullish on alternatives in the coming decade.”

Lincoln Archibald

There are companies and technologies popping up everywhere that provide access to alternative investments for the retail investor.

In 2010, Rule 506(c) Regulation D was introduced, which allowed funds to publicly advertise to people.

In 2016, crowdfunding was made legal; that’s super recent!

Here are some companies that are taking advantage of these changes..

  • Fundrise – gives anyone access to real estate so you don’t have to go buy properties yourself.
  • Sweater Ventures – lets anyone access their VC fund
  • Titan – a hedge fund with the same idea


The landscape of investing is changing.

People are empowered by knowledge and want access to these alternatives. And the market is giving it to them!

Your options are wide; participate in these trends.

Instead of watching the world change, be a part of it!

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That’s it for today!


Bridger Pennington

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