I Spent $500K on This Event…

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a great weekend!

Today, I want to explain exactly why and how I spent half of a million dollars on this event…

Reason #1…

The Fund Launch Live (Las Vegas 2022) will be freaking awesome! April 28th thru the 30th, investors will learn the art of starting/managing a fund, make crucial connections, and learn how to build wealth!

“People overestimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they can do in a decade.”

Bill Gates

I love events because everything I’ve learned about funds, managing a company, and starting IFS has come from attending an event.

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Like I said in my video, we’ll bring in people from every investing category…

  • Economists
  • Fund managers
  • Crypto people
  • Forex people
  • Real Estate people

“Who’s gonna be there?”

We’ll have 15+ big names come speak to us, everyone from Hedge and Crypto fund experts to world class speakers and venture capitalists!

Let’s Crunch Some Numbers

$60k was spent on the event center that can house, feed, and entertain over 1,000 people.

$116k went into AV production, to ensure top-notch quality

We all know that the Master of Ceremonies (MC) makes or breaks an event…

We’re paying Devon $13k to be the MC of this event. I’ve seen him do 3 different events, and he’s definitely worth the money.

We’ll spend another $100k on Black Card (VIP) members and their benefits

Another $70k will buy the attendees free merchandise!

“Wait, won’t speaker fees be astronomical??”

No! People are asking us to let them speak for free if we fly them to Vegas!

All the other boring fees bring us to a grand total of $526,000 spent on this event!

“Is this going to be a pitch fest?”

No!! We had all speakers sign a contract agreeing that they wouldn’t pitch the audience!

Why would I throw this event?

  • Networking opportunities for me, speakers, and attendees
  • Attendees learn from the best, in an optimal, fun environment


We have sold 227 VIP tickets for $1,500 each and 773 of the $400 general admission tickets, summing up to $570,250!

Our projected revenue is $44k! Remember, this is without any booths or sponsors!

Fund Launch Live 2022 will be April 28th, 29th, and 30th. VIP tickets have already sold out and we only have a few hundred left of general admission!

See you in Vegas!

Bridger Pennington

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