How to Transform a Company in 2023

What’s up, everyone? Today, I want to tell you how to transform a company in 2023!

A few years back, I was busy starting different businesses.

On my down time, I would read books on how to manage companies.

Most of them were very generic; they told me I needed to have a vision, have clear communication, etc.

I realized that this was great advice for companies that were big organizations, but not solo-preneur startups. I needed more practical advice with tactics.

Eventually, I learned those tips and tricks, but I learned something invaluable when I took a finance internship during my business-starting phase.

The huge company I worked for did a fantastic job of implementing their mission statement and core values into their work.

I witnessed their values drive all decisions and actions they made at the firm.

So, although I previously thought core values were overrated, I then saw that it was necessary for successful companies.

As Fund Launch started growing, I decided that we needed to establish our core values.

Surprisingly, the executive team and I spent 14 hours deciding what we wanted them to be.

We committed that we would hire, fire, and promote people based on the values.

The goal is that someone who is interviewed, hired, and onboarded will know what the company’s core values are and live them.

It’s amazing when I see it happen! It’s what transforms a mediocre company into a successful one.

Here are Fund Launch’s core values to give you an idea:

  • Integrity without Compromise
  • Seek Challenges
  • Client Obsessed
  • Team-Centric
  • Do Good in the World

The mission statement is about empowering you (the client) to start and scale funds that move humanity forward.

I shared my story in my YouTube video…

“We put this out a few months ago and I have seen a total shift in our teams, in the way we talk, think, and treat others. I would highly recommend you do this for your business.”

Most businesses fail because partners and/or early employees are not aligned on core values.

Fund Launch hands out the ‘Innovator’s Bonus’ incentive.

Managers reward employees with a $1,000 bonus if someone on their team innovates something that changes the business for the better.

In summary, establishing and living by core values will transform a company in 2023.

And it could be yours! It sounds cliche, but defining the mission statement and core values will work wonders.

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That’s it for today!


Bridger Pennington

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