How to start or scale your fund… Part #1

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Hey friends – It really is possible…  

People start businesses for many different reasons… Some start them out of desperation – Others, just want to make some quick cash – Some want to change the world and revolutionize an industry – Others, could care less about the money & fame, but just want to do something they are passionate about. 

After my 7th business venture, I was starting to believe that there wasn’t a business that would allow me to feel completely satisfied in business.

Either the business was positive cash flowing and I totally hated it, or I was loving it, but the business model just flat out stunk.

I’m here to tell you today that It really is possible… 

Launching my first fund alongside a platform that helps others start their first fund has enabled me to live the life I want to. Funds are difficult to get off the ground, but once they are- they are extremely lucrative.

As for Investment Fund Secrets? – I don’t need the money- but the satisfaction that comes knowing that I have been able to assemble the knowledge needed to radically change someone’s life – is more than enough.

The world puts so many unnecessary constraints and expectations on ambitious financiers. Even if you are working in Private Equity or Venture Capital right now- people will still laugh if you tell them you want to launch your own fund. I can’t tell you how many people, even some of my closest friends, scoffed when I told them I was going to launch a fund.

Those people are most certainly not laughing today. Quite the opposite actually- most of them have called me up and asked to work for me saying that they “believed in me the whole time”. The audacity!  

Enough drama though, I want to give you some applicable advice to launch your fund, no matter what type of business you are in – again, no matter what type of business you are in. That might not make sense- but read to the end and you can start applying it today!

My Fund Launch Formula has successfully guided hundreds of average Joe’s towards their lifetime dream: Becoming a Fund Manager. And if that’s not your dream… it should be because nothing else will get you to Financial Freedom faster than being a Fund Manager. 

Okay- maybe being a tech founder is the fastest- but it’s definitely a close second!

Let’s talk today about the first step in our Fund Launch Formula – which is contrary to what most people think: 

Step #1: Find the Deal 

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You’re probably thinking, what?! You don’t have to do the legal work first or raise the money first? Nope– first go find an awesome deal, and we’ll teach you what to do from there! 

Well, in order to find a good deal, you’ll first need to know what type of fund you want to start. So let’s backtrack a bit.

Obviously, you are most likely to have success in the industry that you have the most experience or knowledge in. Look at most common fund types along with my estimated difficulty of scaling without prior experience:

Real Estate Fund | Simple

Quick recap: Buy & Flip or Buy & Hold residential, multifamily, and commercial properties. Explained further on Youtube.

Debt Fund | Simple

Quick recap: Issue loans to entities in need of capital – most common are bridge loans or hard money loans to Real Estate Shops or Entrepreneurs. 

Forex | Moderate

Quick recap: Trade currency on the foreign exchange markets. 

Hedge Fund | Intermediate

Quick recap: High risk, leveraged trading strategies. Most commonly with public equities or indexes.

Venture Capital | Difficult

Quick recap: Invest money into new & emerging companies or technology. Seed money or Series A – D rounds. 

Private Equity | Expert

Quick recap: Buy and trade developed companies that are not publicly traded. Often executed by infusing large amounts of capital to grow the business. Learn more on Youtube.

While these funds are the most common- these most certainly aren’t the only types of funds. You can start or scale a fund with any business model. A fund model is just the means in which you can scale a business or project!

If you have a business that delivers cookies to someone’s door- most people think that the only way to scale that business quickly is through a franchise model- think again. A fund model is actually the better route to take because you retain equity in your business. Investors do take profits, but not ownership! 

I have heard of some super wild funds before- but the fund model can be used in basically any business format!

At Investment Fund Secrets, we have worked with people in all the models mentioned earlier, but also in SO many others like crypto funds, obscure lending funds, amazon delivery funds, and others!

Again, almost all types of businesses can be scaled through a fund model! Awesome right?!

Well, that’s all for today- look out for my next post talking about why Step #1 is to Find the Deal. If you don’t want to wait until next week – you can always hop on a free call with a member of my team to learn more!

Hope you have a stellar week! 

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