How To Start a Business with No Money

Hey, everyone! Today, I want to tell you how to start a business with no money in 2022!

When starting a business, many believe that you need to go into some debt and slowly work your way out of it. This is called the J-curve.

This is time-consuming and you might not have a great idea anyway.

Here are the 3 ways you can start a business…

  • Build your business
  • Partner with someone
  • Buy a company

Partnering with someone or becoming the 5th or 10th employee can get you significant shares in the company; you don’t even have to start it!

And remember what I said in my video…

“Many of the skills that can make you hirable can be found on Youtube.”

This includes Facebook marketing, TikTok marketing, and SEO strategies to name a few!

Buying Companies

You don’t have to have a bunch of money sitting around in order to buy a business; you can do it without using any of your money!

My friend started a fund that invested in Amazon stores.

He did this with a lot of effort, but no money on his behalf. Yes, regular people like you can do this!

He raised $250K for this fund and purchased 5 different Amazon stores at $50K each.

After 12 months of combining and running the 5 stores, those companies were worth a combined $3 million and bringing in $350k a year!

The investors of the fund were paid back in full and received a 25% return!

I summed it up in my video by saying…

“These fund managers used investor capital to buy a business, and within a year that business was worth $3 million!”

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Want to Scale Your Existing Business?

Another friend came to me and wanted to scale his gun shop business without giving up equity or borrowing money.

I told him to start a fund!

Using his fund, he pooled up capital and bought a competitor store.

20% of the money made with that new store went to him, and the other 80% went to his investors!

So, how do you start a business with no money??

You can take out your competitors by buying them or partnering with them! Or by starting a fund!

Check out my youtube videos or go to to learn how to start a fund!

Have a great day!

Bridger Pennington

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