How to Network Like the Top 1%

Hey, everyone! Today I will tell you how to network like the top 1%!

How do you walk into a room of 200 people and effectively network without pitching others or brag about myself?

Well, I’ve been able to meet many high net-worth individuals over the past few years.

I sat down with one of them and asked him how he networks…

He claims that following this strategy is key in networking, so, let’s dive in!

Givers & Takers

In networking, there are givers and there are takers.

Most people want to take info/contacts/money from others.

However, you just need to give, give, and give! Then, you can take.

For example, say, “I need you to connect with this really cool person I know.” Or “Can you come join one of my podcast episodes?”

Do things for others. Mention your friend’s names and abilities on social media, at parties, or anywhere else. Give them recognition and exposure.

After all that, you can ask the one thing you need from them, like, “Hey can you introduce me to that one billionaire you know?”

Whenever you give, people will feel like they need to give back.

Partner Up

It’s hard to go to an event alone and talk yourself up.

If you go with a business partner, you can talk each other up in a more natural way.

Say things like, “You’ve got to meet [my partner]. Hey [partner], come meet these guys! Yeah [partner], tell them about the fund we have set up!”

Like I said in my video…

“This way you can bounce around to different groups of people quickly. Don’t get stuck talking to one person at the networking event!”

By the end of the event, everyone knows you, they know what business you do, and they trust you because you didn’t spend the whole night talking about yourself.

At the same time, be sure to promote the people you just met! Why?

Because givers are receivers!

You can raise millions of dollars by using this strategy!

It works! Practice this at your next event and you’ll soon be able to network like the top 1%!

That’s it for today!


Bridger Pennington

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