How to Make Money in Texas

What’s up, everyone? Today, I want to tell you how to make money in Texas, USA!

Fun fact: If Texas had its own GDP ranked, it would come in at 9th in the world!

I want to share 3 different ways I would enter the Texan market.

Recently, car washes have popped up everywhere, and the more successful ones are subscription-based.

This means the customers pay $20 or $30 and can go wash their car however many times they want.

Researchers calculate that those companies make 8X more than they would without the subscription!

Additionally, the more locations you have, the more money you bring in – it’s not much harder managing 2 or 50 car washes than just 1.

Similar to car washes, I would suggest acquiring land in groups so that you could wholesale it to a bigger buyer.

Let’s talk about opportunity zones for a minute.

Opportunity zones are predetermined areas of the city that offers a deal to the public…

Whoever can acquire the land, raise its value by al least 50% , and hold it for at least 10 years, can write off the property as capital gains!

So, it’s a huge tax benefit for real estate investors!

When this deal was launched a few years ago, $100 billion flowed into opportunity zone funds across the country.

A popular business technique right now is grouping dental and chiropractic shops together.

Here’s what I mean: dentists are approached by x individual/company and are pitched an idea…

“We’ll hire and fire and take care of all other administrative duties if you join our firm – all you’ll have to do is fix teeth.”

It seems like a good deal for the dentists!

So, if you own and are running 30 different dental offices, you can use economies of scale to your advantage by hiring only one marketing agency yet bringing in income from 30 locations!

This is an attractive deal for dentists because oftentimes they don’t want to manage the business.

Just like the other money-making strategies mentioned, your business should grow rapidly due to the huge migration into Texas right now!

So, here’s how to make money in Texas:

Start a fund and get involved in these industries…

  • Industrial Car Wash
  • Land Acquisition
  • Medical Offices

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That’s it for today!


Bridger Pennington

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