How to Improve Your Networking by GIVING

Networking is such an integral part of becoming successful.

Hey guys!

My last few posts have mentioned the importance of networking and I decided it would be good for me to tell you more about how the 1% do it.

As you know I run a podcast where I meet many successful business owners and managers… and I’ve also seen massive growth on my youtube channel!

Being consistent with these has allowed me to grow my network significantly!

And it compounds…

Advanced Networking

Because I choose to meet more people, I in turn also get recognized by higher level individuals…

Which allows me to reach out to other higher level individuals… which then allows me to get recognized by individuals above them.

And so on, and so on.

I have now personal relationships with billionaires and very high level millionaires from following this trend.

I have been able to receive mentorship from them and great advice for my businesses.

The thing I love about this is that it is repeatable and frankly… EASY.


A lot of times there are networking events where BIGWIG investors will be at and you have to walk in and start conversations… now that’s intimidating to me!

And it seems impossible to get around the entire room!

I was recently at an event and I watched my friend, who is very successful, in action.

He was bouncing around, meeting people, and having a good time, but then at the same time pitching his ideas and talking about his businesses.

I invited him to lunch because I needed to know how he was doing this…

He said both in networking… and in life… there are GIVERS and TAKERS.

He said,

” I used to spend a lot of time asking.”

Asking for money, asking for sales, asking for leads…

But he figured out that the more he gives, the easier it is to take (or ask).

crop unrecognizable person giving heap of greenbacks on marble table

The more that you give, the easier it is to take (or ask).


He said he started connecting others with people that THEY WANTED TO MEET

He said, “Let me connect you with them!”

He brings them on his podcast, he posts about them on his Instagram story, he’ll send them a text, he’ll talk them up at parties.

He’ll give them status and exposure.

He increased his surface area of luck

After a certain amount of time he will go and ask them to introduce him to one of their billionaire friends.

And they always say YES because he has given so much to them!


If you try to take, before you give, you are sure to shut people down and turn them off to your ideas or whatever else you might be wanting.

I suppose it can work IF it’s done in the right way, IF at the right time, IF it’s in the right place, and IF it’s in the right setting.

(That’s a lot of IFs).

Most of the time, relationships just take TIME.

I go into much more detail about this in my most recent youtube video below if you want to hear the rest of the story… just remember to be a giver and then you can ask for whatever you want!

What are some ways you network?

Let me know below!

Bridger Pennington

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  1. The Good Book States it is better to give than to receive. . Give pennies and you will receive quarters
    give quarters and you will receive dollars. . .

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