How to Go From Robinhood Trader to Hedge Fund Manager

Happy Holidays, everyone! Today, I want to tell you how to go from Robinhood trader to hedge fund manager.

I know 4 retail traders that suddenly pivoted and started a hedge fund. Within one year, their hedge fund made $500 million!

Retail Traders

Usually, when they start out, they are happy with their career.

Then, they are super successful, or they fail miserably.

If traders are doing well, their family and friends start sending them money to trade.

Traders: this is an awkward spot! I strongly encourage you to transition into the fund space.

Hedge Fund Incubator

It may seem daunting to put down about $30K to start a hedge fund.

For this reason, I recommend using this vehicle: a hedge fund incubator.

It only costs about $1K to set up!

Check out our hedge fund incubator video!

Or click here to learn how to start a hedge fund from scratch!

I said in my video that…

“Incubators are great because not only is it a small price point to get started, but you can also legally manage your friends’ money!”

Additionally, it will help you build your name and brand as a hedge fund manager.

Not to mention, you can eventually scale your incubator to a full-sized hedge fund!


If you feel like you’ve built a great algorithm and process, then consider getting into the hedge fund game.

Setting up an incubator structure can give you more leverage and perks legally.

For example, if things go south, your family and friends won’t be able to sue you.

Love them or hate them, hedge fund managers make a lot of money.

So, that’s how to go from Robinhood trader to hedge fund manager!

That’s it for today!


Bridger Pennington

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