How to Get Investors to Remember You

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I get a lot of people in my course who are fresh to the investing world.

Most have never talked to someone we would consider “wealthy”.

They wonder how they can get into board rooms…

How can they find and convince high net-worth individuals to invest with them…

How do I get them to remember me?

There are a lot of ways to make sure people remember you,

But we want them to be positive interactions.

I have struggled with these questions, and still do sometimes.

Here are some things that have helped me and that I think could help you too when trying to reach out to wealthier investors.

Making Sure You Get Remembered

The biggest key to being remembered is to create and participate in relationship accelerating experiences.

“Well Bridger, what does that mean?”

Let’s give some examples:

Example 1 is where you do the cliche, “Can I take you to lunch and pick your brain?”

Even if you go to lunch with someone 15 times the most they will probably get out of that relationship-wise is that you are a good and nice person.

Example 2…

You take someone heliskiing and in the wake of it you have to outrun an avalanche and dig yourselves out.

Okay this is extreme but I am trying to make a point…

One is very surface level and one is much more emotionally investing.

They are in completely different universes on the relationship spectrum.

The lesson here is to NEVER call a successful person just to “pick their brain“…

This is not memorable.

Now, I am not trying to be condescending.

So please do not feel bad if you are doing this and think you have ruined your relationships.

You haven’t.

In all reality it is just fine and normal.

This is how I used to be so don’t sweat it.

I am just trying to open your eyes and help you see how much more you can give to others.

Instead of “picking brains” think about how you can create value for them.

Most of these people are pretty wealthy,

The 1-2 hours you take out of their day for lunch is not worth the $15 tab.

So what do you do?

One good example of this is an experience my friend had.

(It wasn’t heliskiing by the way)

He had someone call him up and say,

“Hey Joe, I love what you’re doing and I do some videography work. Would you mind if I came in and filmed what you do in a day? I think it would make some really great content for you.”

My friend said yes of course!

That guy is now his go to videographer for his business.

He allowed him to sit in on all his meetings to film content.

He doesn’t even allow most of his executive team to do that.

Pretty smart and great value add if you ask me!

So when you want to provide value give it some time…

Think about it…

I promise you will find something that you can do just like my friend’s videographer did.

Man doing videography work

When trying to connect with people do not ask for their valuable time. Instead, think of services or other ways you can add value to them or their business.


When I network with people I have a list of things in my back pocket that I believe can add value to them.

Sit down and think about the things you are good at or that other people might find useful.

I can promise you that you networking will increase immensely.

You will build deeper relationships.

What are some things you think are great ways to build strong realtionships with others?

Let me know in the Facebook Group below!

Take Care,

Bridger Pennington

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