How to Build a Track Record as a Fund Manager

What’s up, everyone? Today I want to explain how to build a track record as a fund manager!

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“Bridger! Where do I start? No one knows me! Who will invest in my fund?”

I frequently get asked this question. The simple answer is…

Partner with someone who does have a good track record. Join Fund Launch to find those connections!

However, I do have some suggestions to help you build your own name by yourself.

Fund Launch Formula

Let’s review this formula

  • Find an amazing deal/opportunity
  • Frame the deal. Find out the details, set up your pitch deck, and so on
  • Pitch your investors; get soft commitments (because you don’t have legal docs yet)
  • Set up docs and get hard commitments from investors

Let’s say you get to that point, and your first deal is underway.

While it’s in progress you need to find another deal similar to it, and pitch your investors again.

Because they’ll be excited about the returns they’re getting on the first deal, they’ll be happy to fund your next venture.

All of these investors will know your name and tell their friends about you and the fund!

The more deals you find and complete, the more the investors will know and trust you.

After a few successful syndications, your investors will trust you enough to put in big money for your fund!

Warning: Don’t get caught in the syndication loop! Re-visit the fund model to start a new deal and you won’t have the problem my dad had.

That is how you can build a track record without going to Wall Street or an Ivy League school!

Hope this helps!


Bridger Pennington

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