How I Started a $10M Crypto Fund

Hey, everyone! Today I want to tell you how I started a $10M Crypto Fund!

How do you get good deals and investors when the market crashes?

What I’m about to share will not only help you with crypto funds, but it works with any fund!

Ugly Unicorn

From June 1st til now, our crypto fund, Ugly Unicorn, is up 3.48%.

Comparatively, Bitcoin, during the same period of time, is down 24.86%!

Our goal is to raise $100M over the next 12 months!

I want to be honest. Going into this fund, we had soft, verbal commitments for $36M!

Yeah, $26M flaked out!

When you’re launching a fund, you should expect a pullback like this.

Like I said in my video…

“In my opinion, you usually end up with 60% to 50% of your verbal commitments.”

Fund Launch Formula

At Fund Launch, we help 20,000 students launch and scale every type of fund.

Here’s the formula we use:


  1. Find incredible deals (get thesis/plan set up)
  2. Frame your fund (what’s the fees/structure/waterfall?) & build Pitch deck
  3. Raise capital (soft pitch/soft commit investors and analyze your fund) & repeat steps 1-3
  4. Legal (get plan organized, pay lawyers to set up documents, & hard pitch/commit investors)

We committed all our investors to pay before June 1st.

This is when many people dropped out!

In May, we triple-checked that documents were signed correctly (we hired a 3rd party admin to help us with all that).

And voila! We launched our hedge fund June 1st and started moving money into the crypto markets.

Because we started off good and we’re an open-ended fund, current/new investors can now put more money in!


That’s how I started a $10M crypto fund.

Most people invest with their emotions. Even big-time investors are emotional about markets.

However, looking at the numbers, right now is the perfect time to invest in crypto! You’d be buying the dip!

A big challenge for getting people to invest in your crypto fund is to get people to believe that! ^^

The most important thing is to show your excitement and enthusiasm about the market.

“Just launch! Spend the time, money, and effort to learn about and launch your fund! It will pay off big time!”

That’s it for today!


Bridger Pennington

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