How Billionaires Pick Deals

What’s up everyone? To kick off the weekend, I want to tell you how billionaires pick deals!

I just had lunch with a man that runs a multi-billion-dollar fund

We talked a lot about managing funds, but here’s what stuck out to me.

100/1 Rule

The 100 to 1 rule applies to all kinds of funds and fund managers.

In real estate, for example, this means you need to look at 100 properties before you buy 1!

In venture capital, you need to look at 100 different companies before you invest in 1.

That’s how picky you need to be!

1st Impression

You need to be picky with your deals so that you don’t blow your first yet crucial chance.

Like I said in my video…

“You’re first deal needs to be a slam dunk. That’s how you’re going to get returning investors and a good reputation.”

If you are successful with someone’s first investment, they will trust you with 10X more money the second time. For example…

If you give someone good returns on a $100K investment, then they’ll give you $1 million the second time!

So, find that incredible deal!

Back to the 100/1 rule…

You need to look at 100 deals before you pick the perfect one!

So, that’s how billionaires pick deals! They perfect the art of sifting through the 99 ok deals to find the 1.

That’s it for today; it was short but important!


Bridger Pennington

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