Fund Manager Ranks Best & Worst Finance Jobs

What’s up, fellow fund managers? Today I will rank the best and worst finance jobs!

#1 Investment Banker

These people are hired to deal with large liquidity events. They’re on M&A teams, they help companies to IPO, and more!

It’s a tough route though! You’re working 60 – 100 hours per week for your first 2 years!

Right out of college, you’ll make a salary of $100K – $150K.

However, the hourly wage comes to $25 – $35 because of how many hours you’re putting in!

After 2 years on the analyst grind, they go get their MBA.

Eventually, these investment bankers end up making tons of money!

Most of these investment bankers get burnt out and then start their own funds.

But why not skip all that and start your own fund now?!

#2 Insurance Advisor

These advisors are basically salesmen. They sell life insurance, home insurance, but also investment products!

Yes, many successful agents sell “insurance products” that are essentially investment products!

The starting salary for this job is $75K.

Advisors that make a singular product their expertise can eventually make up to 6 figures!

The hours are normal (40 -50 per week) so this seems like a good deal!

#3 Fund Manager

They pool capital together from investors and make top tier investments.

I said in my video that…

“Many investment bankers aspire to be fund managers because it is so freaking lucrative!”

Ken Griffin, for example, makes $100M per month! That’s just his fund, not even his personal investments!

You can be a fund manager right now if you want! If you don’t believe me, go explore Fund Launch!

Regular people can do this; don’t lie to yourself!

#4 Private Equity Associate

These associates analyze businesses and companies to acquire.

They do merges, acquisitions, buying, and selling.

The starting salary is $110K – $200K, but this varies drastically.

If you become a partner of a PE firm, you make well over 6 figures!

But, if you know me at all, you know what I’m going to say…

Just go start a PE fund and skip the ladder climbing!

So that’s how I rank the best and worst finance jobs!

That’s it for today!


Bridger Pennington

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