Fund Launch Live Event

Happy New Year everyone!

With the new year, my team and I decided to go for bigger and better things this year.

We decided to step way out of our comfort zone and to throw a 1,000 person Fund Launch Live event in Las Vegas April 28th-30th.

Is that cool or what?

What is the Fund Launch Live Event?

It is an event that will replicate the mission we have for Investment Fund Secrets.

That is to serve (aspiring) Fund Managers like yourself at the highest level possible 🚀

There will be a thousand plus entrepreneurs like you…

Some who just last year, had no idea what direction they were going…

To this year, managing funds that range from $10mm to $2.5B!

Then if that is not you, so what!

Anyone is welcome to come and learn. You never know the things you can learn or the people you could possibly meet.

It will be an event you do not want to miss!

Click the link below to learn more about the event!


When you throw a big event, it is a MUST to have great speakers.

Honestly, without great speakers there is no event.

We decided to invite some of the most successful entrepreneurs, fund managers, business owners, etc to come speak at this live event.

Names like Jeff Sekinger , Simon Vandi, Sean Whalen, George Gammon, and many more we have on our list of speakers to invite.

But the name I want to talk about today, one of the first speakers to accept our invite to come speak is Vu Tran.

Who is Vu Tran?

Vu is actually already in the Investment Fund Secrets community.

He has helped so many of our students start funds.

Vu is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and business coach.

He is the first of his seven siblings to join the military serving almost a decade in the United States Marine Corps.

After the Marine Corps, he decided to focus on investing and coaching across the globe.

Vu has specialized in launching businesses and growth strategies.

He is particularly well versed in pitching, articulating entrepreneurial messaging, elevating brands, integrating business systems to improve efficiency, and leveraging debt.

What is Vu Currently doing?

Vu is building a diversified portfolio of businesses.

Which includes a construction company, a mortgage brokerage, a short-term rental business, and a diversified real estate development and acquisitions group.

He is currently working on opening 50 restaurants in the next 5 years.

That is right, 5 YEARS!!

He uses his experience to build more powerful businesses. 


Well I hope to see you at our Fund Launch Live event this April.

If you want to hear from speakers like Vu Tran or just want to learn how to become successful at whatever you decide to do in life, this is the event for you.

If you want to learn more about our event and Vu Tran follow the links below.

Hope you have a great weekend!

See you next week.

Bridger Pennington

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