Fund Launch Live 2023 – Intro Recap

What’s up, everyone! Today’s blog is going to be the Fund Launch Live 2023 – Intro Recap!

It happened a week ago, and it was fantastic!

We had so many people show up, but many more missed out!

That’s why I’m sharing some points from my intro speech.

After being welcomed to the stage and sharing my gratitude for all attendees and staff, I shared the following:

Small Biz Owners

We romanticize small business owners a little too much.

Many of you out there run small businesses, and it’s great. It leads you to bigger and better things.

But, we can’t get stuck just being a small business owner.

Stephen Schwarzman, c0-founder of Blackstone ($400B Aum), said…

“It’s just as hard to run a small business as it is to run a big business.”

It takes about the same amount of work, which is everything you got.

The goal is not to be a slave to your small business, meaning hustling and doing the marketing, accounting, and selling.

The goal is to be a big business owner.

10x is easier than 2x

This is the title of Dan Sullivan’s book, which I initially thought was cheesy, but I love the concept he shares:

How many things could you do within the next 5 years to grow your business 2x?

You could probably think of 100+ different things that could incrementally double the size, right?

Now, how many things could you do within the next 3 years to 10x your business?

I assume your list has now dropped to 2 or 3 things.

So, which things on these 2 lists should you focus on? Which thing should you allocate all your resources to?

“Achieving 10x growth is exponentially easier than striving for 2x growth.”

Dan Sullivan

That’s a reason why small business owners stay small.

Capital Consumers

Most big businesses today needed significant capital to grow…

Microsoft, Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway, and McDonalds are a few.

Whether it was franchises, new products, or real estate, all of these companies need heavy capital to grow.

4 Types of Leverage

Robert Kiyosaki reiterated the 4 types of leverage in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad…”

  • Capital
  • People
  • Technology
  • Media

I would argue that capital is the most important of the list. You can use capital to help you leverage the other categories.

Over the next 3 days here at Fund Launch Live 2023, we’re going to help you understand how to leverage capital!

This may be the most important conference of your life! Welcome!

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See you next time!


Bridger Pennington

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