Fulfillment vs Success, which is better?

During Thanksgiving this last week I was really pondering on the concept of the art of fulfillment and the science of success…

Recently, I was listening to Tony Robbin’s podcast that talks about this intriguing, soul-searching subject quite a bit.

I know as fund managers, a lot of us have A-type personalities and are built pretty similarly… so I want to share my thoughts with you today because it was something that helped me!

The Science of Success

As fund managers, we’re doers. We’re go getters.

It’s obvious in the profession we chose to pursue!

We’re entrepreneurs who wake up at 4:30 in the morning and work all day to be as effective and efficient as possible…

We’ve cracked the science. We understand the power of compound actions contributing to our overall success. We see frameworks everywhere in our lives…

There’s a reason these models are out there…They’ve been proven to work!

You follow the frame work, you get the results.

It really is a science. Your chances exponentially increase if you consistently do x, y, and z.

The grind takes drive and discipline, but really can make you a high-net-worth individual or outrageously successful.

But if you died tomorrow, how much would all of it matter??

Don’t get me wrong, obviously these things are extremely important to me and I know they work! But we can’t forget about what we want the meaning of our life to be.

The Art of Life Fulfillment

I know a ton of “successful” entrepreneurs that aren’t truly fulfilled

Sure, they’re fiscally successful and extremely proactive… and they’re great fund managers! However… their lives have turned into a constant need to be making more money.

I know some that refuse to retire, not because fiscally they are not able to… but because they can’t the stand the thought of not increasing their AUM every day…they have misplaced fulfillment!

Money doesn’t last. It’s fleeting. How do you think these peoples’ relationship with their spouses are?? Do they make time to serve and learn and give?

True fulfillment is entirely different And quite frankly, is the opposite of the grind-all-day theory of success.

And I’m not saying I’m a saint, I forget all the time too!!

Fulfillment truly is an art. It lies in being able to take a vacation with your family, to be present at gatherings with friends, to let life happen and take a breath!

Can you be happy at your son’s game on Thursday night even though you’re not in the office??

It doesn’t matter if your bank is $100 or $100 billion, you can choose to be happy.

I spent over 2 years in Taiwan where so much of the population had next to nothing in terms of physical assets… But I met people every day who where happier than anyone else I’ve ever known.

But HOW???

They have mastered of the art of a fulfilling life.

One thing that has helped me find fulfillment is gratitude.

You have a body, a mind, a car, a family, be grateful for past moments and events! There is so much to be grateful for!

I meditate on what I’m grateful for every single day, and it’s made me realize how much I take for granted!

It has helped me align every day with a fulfilled, yet successful, paradigm.

Yes, we are SUCCESSFUL Fund Managers! However, if we lost all of those businesses, would we still be fulfilled??

Spend time in creating value in all aspects of your life. You’ve got this!

Go listen to more of my thoughts, daily habits, and routines for businesses and life on my podcast!

Thanks for the read!

Bridger Pennington

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