From Navy Seal to Entrepreneur

How’s it going, everyone? Today, I’m sharing part of the conversation I had with Brandon Thornhill and how he went from Navy Seal to entrepreneur!

Brandon was a Navy Seal for 12 years.

His part-time side hustles were making him enough money to quadruple his income!

So, he decided to go all in on that with his wife.

They wanted to invest in themselves so as soon as they were out of debt, they started going to masterminds and networking like crazy.

Bridger: How did your credit card debt and navy seal income relate?

Brandon: The military is a guaranteed paycheck, but you’re also guaranteed to not make that much.

I was making $5-6,000 a month and we were living in Germany. We were spending too much on travel so the 18% interest on our credit cards killed us.

I decided I needed a side hustle, so I started doing direct sales and paid $40K off within 1 year.

Bridger: Walk us through your Navy Seal journey.

Brandon: I went to high school in a small town in Ohio and developed a competitive personality through all the sport programs.

During this time, I played a video game that introduced me to Navy Seals.

That planted a seed in me, and I started a routine of high school studies, sports, and training for the Navy Seals.

The desire to compete and win kept me disciplined.

Young people, especially boys, need a sense of duty. They will rise to occasion if they are given the chance.

Things aren’t much different for adults either.

In our interview, Brandon said that through coaching he’s learned that…

“If you raise the bar high enough, you lose the losers, and if you lower the bar enough, you lose the winners.”

Bridger: You mentioned that you returned to be a Navy Seal instructor…

What’s the biggest difference between those that make it and those that don’t?

Brandon: It depends on their ‘why.’ The thing or belief that drives their performance is crucial.

Also, I’ve noticed that the more unselfish they are, the better.

If they can be a team player and focus more on the person next to them and performing for that person instead of just themselves, they are better off.

Basically, it’s the ‘we’ mentality over the ‘me’ mentality.

Watch the YouTube video interview to hear the rest of Brandon’s story!

Hopefully you learned from his experience as he went from Navy Seal to entrepreneur!

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Thanks for reading!

Bridger Pennington

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