Founder of RERX Capital – Amish Munshi

How’s it going, everyone? Today, we’re covering an interview Lincoln Archibald had with the Founder of RERX CapitalAmish Munshi!

Amish has been running his own real estate fund and is part of the Fund Launch program!

Lincoln: How’d you get involved with real estate funds?

Amish: I used to be in the technology field, implementing security for ObamaCare and for the state of California.

I did that for 20 years, but then decided I liked real estate investing better and that I wanted to make it my full-time profession.

It was something that had worked for me over the years, so I started investing my personal capital in 2018.

I decided I wanted to specialize in semi-commercial real estate.

Although I had my MBA and some financial structuring real estate knowledge, I further educated myself by participating in trainings and joining masterminds.

Lincoln: Congrats! That takes a lot to leave the comfort of your 9 to 5 and enter a more entrepreneurial role. Tell me about RERX Capital!

Amish: I started on equity investments. During Covid, there was high growth in the valuation of properties. It was easy to own a property, and if you held it long enough, you were going to make money.

Here are 2 big risks in real estate:

  • You have bad tenants
  • You are forced to sell at the wrong time

To hedge these risks and the risks of investing in commercial real estate, I decided to also invest in single-family homes.

There is always a demand for single-family, and commercial RE property valuation is based on income.

So, that’s where I came up with my semi-commercial RE strategy:

My actual assets are residential, but I generate income from commercial.

More specifically, the residential assets I invest in are…

  • Assisted Living
  • Short-term Rentals
  • Student Housing

Lincoln: So, you started out by doing your own deals, then you moved to syndicating deals by raising investor capital, and now you launched your fund to scale this business even quicker.

Why did you decide to start a fund?

Amish: Well, you need to understand that a fund requires a process that is reputable. You could syndicate a deal on the outside if it doesn’t fit your fund parameters.

It took me a few years to start my fund because I tend to over-analyze.

I also wanted to sell my real estate when I wanted to, so I became hesitant when I learned that RE funds are typically close-ended – but I wanted it to be open-ended.

My stubbornness paid off, because I worked at it and finally found a way to make my fund open-ended.

That’s all we’re covering today but click here to watch the rest of the interview with the Founder of RERX Capital – Amish Munshi!

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