Fail Fast & Fail Cheap with $500 & 3 Weeks

Don't sit on your business ideas. give yourself $500 and 3 weeks to test them out.

In previous articles I’ve talked about how I started my fund.

How I went to my dad with my ideas and he wouldn’t give me any money,

And how I had to go out and raise money on my own.

I talk a lot about funds…

And I always use mine as an example.

But I rarely talk about how and why I launched my business, Investment Funds Secrets.

Where it Began

Let’s go back a little bit to when I was in college.

I started 6 businesses in my first two years.

And then I started my fund.

While at the university I had a teacher who taught entrepreneurship and had started multiple businesses.

He had us read a book called Nail It, Then Scale It.

The premise of this book was to fail fast and to fail cheap.

The teacher told us that any entrepreneurial idea you have should be able to be vetted and tested in 3 weeks and with $500 in your market RIGHT NOW.

He said that a lot of people will bounce their ideas around in their head for months or even years before they bring it to fruition.

He said that this was totally unnecessary.

Instead you should:

  1. Keep a journal of all the ideas you have. (This helps a ton, especially if you have shiny-object-syndrome like me)
  2. Sift through them and choose the best one. The one that sticks with you.
  3. Give yourself 3 weeks and $500 to test it out.

So I had this idea to launch Investment Fund Secrets and said,

“You know what, he’s right. I’m going to go for it”

I mean, I had experience with funds. I had started my own fund and always had people asking me about how I did it.

My dad is also a fund tycoon…

My brother also worked at a fund

What do I have to lose?

So I did some research on YouTube and Google and found that not a lot of people were talking about it,

And if they did they weren’t sharing the “how to launch” part of it.

So I contacted my buddy who was good with web design and asked him if he’d go 50/50.

$250 each.

Luckily he said yes and we were off to the races!

We started a podcast and gained a little traction so we decided to move onto Facebook ads.

We took $500 and filmed 5 Facebook ads just to test the waters.

When we first started out we were selling a mini-vault, $47 product.

Now you might be wondering,

“Why so cheap?

Well like I mentioned, this was a MINI-VAULT…

(Our mastermind course today is much, much larger and way more in depth with trainings and coaching.)

Anyways, we spent the money for this product and in the first week we made back $1000.


People were actually buying and enjoying the product.

We emailed everyone who bought to get their reviews and we got great responses.

So we decided to start a facebook group where people could interact and ask questions.

And all along the way we kept growing,

But we didn’t give ourselves a paycheck.

We just took the money we made and rolled it into more and more ads and in-turn got more customers.

It got to a point where we had so many questions from our Facebook group that we knew we needed to launch a Mastermind Program,

Which was Investment Fund Secrets.

It was originally launched to our existing customers for $1997.

In the first three days we sold 78 spots and today we have more than 10x that amount!

As that began to grow we decided we needed to launch a coaching program on top of that,

And that has been crushing it as well.

The best thing about all of this is that this was started a little over a year ago.


I want you to understand that it is possible.

You will have failures.

I failed multiple businesses before this one.

But, if you keep going you will eventually catch a winner.

The main key to being an entrepreneur is never giving up. You will most likely fail multiple times before you catch a winning idea. So don't get down on yourself.

The main key to being an entrepreneur is never giving up. You will most likely fail multiple times before you catch a winning idea. So don’t get down on yourself.


In order to be successful you need to actually take action.

This is why the $500 and 3 weeks method is so effective.

You are able to actually test your ideas and know if they are winners instead of letting them stew inside of you for months or even years.

So what are you waiting for?

Keep a journal of your ideas and act on them today.


You’ll find the winner if you stick to it.

What else do you feel is stopping you?

Let me know below.

Take Care,

Bridger Pennington

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