ANYONE Can Start a Real Estate Fund

Hey, everyone! I want to tell you how anyone can start a real estate fund!

REAL Life Examples

Years ago, my dad decided to start a real estate fund before even knowing anything about real estate or funds.

After some work and finding the right people to help him, his fund grew tremendously! He now runs a fund worth $15 billion!

So no, you do not have to be the smartest person to start a fund. You also don’t have to go to Harvard or work on Wall Street!

Nate Paul was a college student that learned about real estate from going to the courthouse auctions every Saturday.

He found a deal near his university, raised a pool of $1.1 million and bought the apartment complex. A few months later, Nate sold the complex for $1.6 million!

Nate, the average college student, made $500,000 in 90 days!

I’m telling you these stories to give you confidence in yourself. Yes, you can do this too!

Regular people can break into private equity, venture capital, and real estate!

Like I said in my video…

“The best thing about real estate is its simplicity. It’s basic and easy to tell investors about it as well.”

Don’t Theorize

If you really want to get investors, don’t theorize the deal.

Don’t tell them you’re hoping to do this and hoping to do that. Just get it done and give the investor the confidence to invest with you.

In my video I said…

“I found this real estate deal. Do you want to put some money in? This deal is closing soon, you have 14 days to decide.”

This is the type of approach you want to use with your potential investors.

Wrap it up

So, do you have to be rich, highly educated or experienced to start a fund?

No! Anyone can start a real estate fund!

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That’s it for today


Bridger Pennington

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