6 Role Models for Entrepreneurs

How’s it going, everyone? Today, I want to go over 6 role models for entrepreneurs!

If you’re an entrepreneur and need some inspiration, then listen up!

Now, there are different mentors for various parts of your life: fitness, career, money, family life, religion, etc.

I’ve found that there aren’t many people, if any, that are amazing at every one of those categories…

So, I’m going to go through each person as if they represent their own category.

Tony founded P90X and has been a fitness coach for a very long time.

I follow him on social media.

As one of the top speakers in the world, Brendon primarily talks about family and associated relationships.

I read his books and also follow him on social.

Additionally, I personally know Randy Garn, who also has a successful family life and is someone you should follow.

He talks about how he works with his wife and his kids to build a family and kingdom.

Ray Dalio and Warren Buffett have both figured out the money game and have published amazing books, programs, and articles.

I also look up to Russell Brunson, Alex Hormozi, and Simon Sinek.

These 3 produce great content from entrepreneurs that are starting from nothing.

Tony Robbins and Ed Mylett are all-time greats.

They speak at so many events so go look them up ono YouTube – they’ll blow your mind!

President Russell M. Nelson and Jeffrey R. Holland are phenomenal spiritual speakers that I look up to.

Go check out their content if you get the chance!

These people remind me to go and have fun, and also show the impactful and meaningful things you can do when attaining wealth.

As I mentioned before, people rarely hit all of the above categories.

However, Jeff Flamm is the outlier; he’s killing it at everything! Go check out the interview I had with him!


So, there are my 6 (or more) role models for entrepreneurs!

I highly recommend that you interview, shadow, and follow people that you look up to.

Find a person to fit each category or find someone that fits all of them!

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That’s it for today!


Bridger Pennington

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