$50M in 8 Weeks? – Veena Jetti

How’s it going, everyone? Today, I’m covering an interview I had with Veena Jetti, who raised $50M in 8 weeks!

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I met Veena Jetti in Cancun at our Fund Launch – Black Card event!

It wasn’t until after she won the 90-second pitch competition that I first talked to her. She was amazing!

She will be speaking at Fund Launch Live in Miami!

Veena Jetti

Bridger: Give me a 1-minute rundown of you.

Veena: I am a multi-family owner/operator and run a company called Vive Funds.

We focus on Class B value-add assets located mainly in the Sun Belt.

Vive Funds has bought and sold over $900M worth of properties, with an Aum around $400M.

Bridger: What’s your favorite deal you’ve done?

Veena: We bought a property in the middle of Covid, and we didn’t know if we’d have investors.

After mitigating all the risk that we could, we ended up selling it to John Pennington at Bridge Investment Group about 18 months later and got a great return for our investors!

Capital Raising

Bridger: What’s your role? Do you do more of finding deals, capital raising, or fund managing?

Veena: I do a little bit of everything, but my favorite has to be capital raising.

Bridger: What trends have you seen in the capital markets?

Veena: Retail investors are scared. Currently, they’re not writing checks as quickly. They’re getting burned on a lot of assets they’re invested in right now.

She also said the following in our interview video…

“Multi-family remains one of the best risk-adjusted returns that you can have as an asset class.”

I’ve also observed that more and more wealthy investors and family offices are coming out to play.

“They’re starting to invest more in real estate and multi-family because it’s a great inflationary hedge.”

Veena said something very interesting in our interview:

“In the past 12 months, we’ve been pitching our investors more on the downside risk than the return potential.”

How Much?

Bridger: So, how did you raise $50M in 8 weeks?

Veena: Last year, we were buying another asset and closed a deal.

However, we didn’t have any committed capital at the time, and we only had 8 weeks to find more investors.

After a lot of lost sleep, we found a little over 100 investors with $50M in committed capital!


She won’t tell us now, but at Fund Launch Live in Miami, Veena will go into great detail of how that $50M deal went down!

Hopefully you learned something from Veena Jetti on capital raising!

I didn’t cover the full interview in this blog so just click here to see the rest!

That’s it for today!


Bridger Pennington

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